New Image Available – “Sunset Misty Clouds”

Occasionally, you have a shot that when you took it, it doesn’t really seem like much. Then you come back to it later, it surprises you as to what you missed “in that moment”. THis image, “Sunset Misty Clouds” , is one of those images for me.

I shot this image this past August while on Maui. There had been some rain earlier that day in the channel between Maui and Moloka’i. Trade winds had also moved the clouds off West Maui into the channel as well. WIth the sun descending into the clouds streaming off the south side of Moloka’i, a sailboat in the distance was on its way back toward Lahaina.

At the time I shot this, I was concentrating on the boat. I was trying to time the boat with the sun, as the sun had been, just prior to the shot, hiding in the clouds. As it broke out, it lit up the waves in the channel, putting the boat into focus as well.

What I didn’t expect was that with the exposure I had set, combined with the aperture I had also set, that I also had the rocks in the foreground lit up and also in focus. Combined with the clouds turing to mist at the top of the image, once I looked at this later that evening, the colors and detail made what seemed an “ok” shot while I was shooting it, really jump out at me. It’s always nice to be surprised at what you’ve shot!

Sunset Misty Clouds by Pono Images

Sunset rays throught the clouds, looking toward Moloka’i | Photo by Pono Images | #ponoimages #mauiphotos

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Enjoy! 🙂

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